1. Came across an article today with some unforgettable advice; Stay rooted in the present. ”Many of our negative thoughts come from worrying about situations that may never happen,”  

    The article points out how natural it is for all of us to want to make plans (how else is anything going to get accomplished?) but argues that when we constantly thinking about what we haven’t done yet we progress to thinking about worst case scenarios. The thoughts, emotions, and fears that surround these worst case scenarios can place undue stress on your body and mind and drain it of resources that are better used in more productive ways.

    "The best way to deal with negative thoughts is to separate fiction from fact," says the author. The next time you find yourself facing a negative thought, analyze the situation and ask whether you’re reacting to a real or imagined situation.

    If you are, stop. Nothing has happened yet.

    Control the controllables.  

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